About Family Mediation

About family mediation Family mediation is a process that enables separating couples to negotiate face-to-face about the arrangements for their future with the help of a qualified, skilled and experienced third party. Family mediation is confidential, voluntary and impartial. All of the

Family Mediation – Divorce Solicitor

When a person is going through a divorce and separation, he/she has a range of needs: emotional needs for support to manage the change and trauma, legal advice about his/her legal rights and mediation to come to an agreement about child care

Family Mediation – Complex Cases

In this article I will talk about mediation with highly emotional clients, how to deal with emotional clients and some reasons why clients may be emotional. It has been a real learning experience working with couples over the past four years as


Family Mediation in practice: Case Examples

1.    How mediation has helped couples; 2.    When the mediation process has encountered difficulties; 3.    Were those difficulties in mediation terminal or were they overcome in some way?; 4.    The client’s relationship with the mediator.   How family mediation has helped couples “Co