Getting Divorced using Family Mediation.

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Family Mediator Nevine Bentley of Facilitate Family Mediation – a family mediation service based in Farnham Surrey – on why family mediation is a great alternative divorce process.

If you are about to file for divorce, then please do consider family mediation.

Nevine Bentley moved from being a successful family lawyer to focusing on Family Mediation with the sole aim of helping couples getting divorced be able to do so in a more civil, less acrimonious and less financially destabilising manner.

  • What is family mediation?
  • Is family mediation the same as counselling?
  • What role do family mediators play?
  • How do they differ from divorce lawyers?
  • When getting divorced, is family mediation for everyone?
  • When is family mediation not suitable in marriage separation?
  • What does the process involve when filing for divorce?
  • It is a known fact that the cost of divorce can be extremely high, how does family mediation differ in this area?

Family mediation is just one way on how to end a marriage but it remains one of the least confrontational and quicker ways to go about it.

Getting Divorced using Family Mediation – Part 1

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Getting Divorced using Family Mediation – Part 2

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Nevine is a Resolution trained family mediator and runs her own dedicated mediation practice in Farnham. Nevine brings both this training and a background in law to give fair and balanced assistance to both partners in all aspects of divorce and separation including arrangements for children and finances.

Nevine is able to sensitively bring down barriers and encourage effective communication between separating couples and navigate them to explore options to find mutually acceptable solutions to the issues which remain unresolved between them.

Nevine is qualified to undertake Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

Nevine is able to offer out of hours appointments seven days a week. She is a member of Resolution and The Family Mediation Council and The Collaborative Family Law Group (http://collaborativelawgroup.co.uk/content/group)

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