Moving Home after Divorce

Moving Home after Divorce
Ingrid Jansen – Founder of Organise your House

Do you want to know what needs doing when moving home after a divorce?  The Divorce Magazine spoke with Ingrid Jansen, professional organiser and founder of Organise Your House, for advice.

You’ve decided you and your partner are no longer going to be living together and it’s best to part ways. Of course it all depends if either you or your ex-partner will stay in the current house and if there are children involved in the process.

The most important thing to realise is that these processes take time and it is not only about possessions that decisions need to be made about.  Of course if the communication between you is amicable and reasonable it will be so much easier to move on!

Here are Ingrid’s top 3 tips:

1:  Divide your possessions equally amongst each other. What is the point in having a whole kitchen inventory while you or your ex-partner will be moving into a tiny apartment? Same goes for the bedding, the dvd’s and cd’s, etc. Disagreeing over these “small” things can cause unnecessary stress and will complicate the move. What can help is making a list of everything you both own and cross on the list who wants to have what. Only the things that you both want, need to be discussed, the rest divided.

moving home after divorce2:  It’s not only material things that need sorting. It’s time to get really organised about the paperwork and the money as well. Closing down the mutual bank account should be on the list of things to do and taking you or your ex-partners name of the council tax and utilities bill as well. The same goes for credit cards and other items that involve money. Make sure you also sort out mortgage or rental agreements.

3:  If there are children and/or pets involved you will always be involved in each other’s lives. Make clear arrangements about who has the children when and who is involved in picking up, dropping off, bringing to clubs etc. The more transparency in the schedule the easier it is for both to rebuild your lives again.

Need some help? Get in the professional

If you find the whole process of de-cluttering and organising too daunting and would like an extra pair of hands to help you, please contact Ingrid Jansen of Organise Your House ( or call 078-65465100).

About Ingrid Jansen

She’s a de-clutter expert and has been helping her clients get organised for years. Her background in Hotel- and Facilities Management is a great asset when helping her clients.

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