Network Marketing – Financial Independence after Divorce?

Financial Independence after Divorce
Networking Marketing
Sarah Liebelt

‘’When you make women millionaire’s, you change the world.’’ This was, Petter Morack’s, belief and vision when he started Arbonne 35 years ago.

It’s not very often that life turns out the way we planned and if you’re reading this article it’s quite likely your current situation was not in your plans.

Perhaps you are considering a divorce, recently divorced, divorced and found yourself being a single parent.

Wherever you are in this journey, even if a divorce was the right decision, it’s also very likely your life is upside down and you’re trying to right it again.

If I told you about an industry where personal development and mentoring is key, where you can own your own business with unlimited income potential and be in control of your diary, where you can support others in achieving their goals would that be of interest to you?

Then welcome to the world of Network Marketing (NM). NM as an industry has been around since the late 1970’s early 1980’s and is heavily regulated by the Direct Selling Association (www.dsa.org) and it is a global industry that in 2013 turned over $178 billion USD (mastermindevent.com).

This is more than the National Football League ($9.5 billion), music industry ($15 billion) and movie industry (£88 billion) and the best part is that anyone can be involved in NM. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, musician or movie star. You just have to be coachable, motivated and willing to put in effort.

NM is an industry with a level playing field and is designed so the regular person can create their own life by design.

A part time, home based business that can pay more than a full time wage makes it perfect for single mothers who can schedule meetings around their children and run their business over the phone, internet or in a coffee shop.

It is perfect for someone wanting financial independence to take back control of their life or someone wanting a secondary source of income to support themselves.

In the worlds of Kim Kyosaki, ‘a man is not a financial plan’.

single working mumNM is also a place where you can find support from a mentor, learn to mentor others, be encouraged to develop as a person and to leave a legacy.

So, what will your legacy be? What will you teach our children?

I have started to build my legacy through NM. My legacy is to leave the world better for me being here because I inspired and taught others how to pursue and achieve their dreams, I inspired and taught others how to take the road less travelled because the rewards are so much greater then following the crowd and I inspired and taught others how to inspire and teach others.

By the time I’m done, my ‘ripple effect’ will have changed the world through helping people to be the best versions of themselves and teaching them to teach others to do the same.

What else is there to love about NM?

Its low risk and low start-up cost compared to your traditional franchises. You fit your business around your life, not your life around your business. You can ‘earn while you learn’ with uncapped income potential (no glass ceiling) and most important are the friendships you make and the person you become.

It’s worth noting that not all NM companies are created equal however there are lots of fantastic ones out there. When researching to find a company that’s right for you I recommend considering the following:

  • Who is running the company? What’s their vision and is it in line with yours?
  • Stability and growth. Does the company has a proven record of stability and have potential for more growth?
  • Training and mentoring should be highly valued and promoted.

I am proud to be part of Petter’s vision and a proud representative of NM. Although this was not the industry I ever thought I would be in, I started my business because I was desperate to change my working situation. This decision really came down to ‘am I going to continue building someone else’s dream, or am I going to start building my own?’

There are no guarantees in Network Marketing, as there are no guarantees in life but with the right company the possibilities are endless. Notice I did not say ‘probabilities’.

A probability is what someone else tells you is the likely outcome. A possibility is only limited by your imagination and your work ethic because if one person can succeed in Network Marketing, why can’t you?


Sarah is 33 years old and has been running her Network Marketing business for 2 and a half years both in the UK and Australia.

Sarah first started her business while working as a Social Worker and continued to work full time and build her business for the first 18 months.

In 2015 Sarah was solely focused on her Networking Marketing business, however as a result of the business skills and personal development she gained from Network Marketing, Sarah is now launching 2 secondary businesses.

Sarah’s greatest joy is helping other people achieve their goals and believes it is her purpose to inspire and support others to believe in themselves and love themselves enough to pursue their dreams and goals.


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