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Ann Corrigan founder of Clarity Family Law
Ann Corrigan founder of Clarity Family Law

Another question answered by Ann Corrigan of Clarity Family Law.

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How do go about choosing a solicitor – there are so many out there?

Don’t just opt for the first family lawyer you come across, shop around. Particularly if your case is not straightforward, look for a firm that specialises in family law – which means they only deal with family law matters and will be more experienced in dealing with these matters.

Once you’ve made that first appointment to see your solicitor, jot down a list of questions you have. Don’t be afraid if your questions seem trivial; family lawyers understand how difficult it is.

Solicitors have a duty at the beginning to give you an estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost and also to keep you updated as the case proceeds. Make sure this happens.

Establish whether you have a rapport with the person. You’re going to spend a bit of time with the lawyer, particularly if the divorce goes to court, so ensure it’s someone who treats you with respect and empathy.

DIY divorce kits or online solutions may seem like a good idea, but beware these solutions may be offered by people who are not necessarily qualified to deal with your situation. Beware of sites that offer divorce documents at a charge as all divorce documents are available free of charge from your local court or the Court Service website.

Ann Corrigan is founder of Clarity Family Law, a specialist family law firm in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, offering discreet, expert advice on all aspects of divorce, including the division of high value assets, children disputes and issues surrounding unmarried families.

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