10 Heartbreaking Confessions of Divorced Parents

Hindsight is always 20/20.  Looking over our shoulder at the past, we can see so much more clearly what we might have done differently-one small nuance that would have changed everything. If only we could have the clarity of perfect vision while going

Divorce and My Strong Willed Child

There is something very liberating when you stop wanting people to change or to change people. We get easily annoyed when people are not acting the way we would like them to. We have so many expectations about just anything and anyone.

What Leaving my Kids Meant and Did to Me!

I don’t know how many women leave a marriage and leave their children behind. I still don’t know how many openly talk about it to help and heal more. I remember a comment Soila once made probably on a previous post of

Two Divorces and a Sociopath

Sometimes we pick the wrong partner due to inexperience and youth, or because someone’s true colours show up later. Alice admits to being the personification of the cliché “Love is blind.” When Alice was quite young she married a Vietnam veteran who

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