Thank You For Leaving Me.

“It was Valentine’s Day. I had just found out that my husband of ten years had purchased a gift for another woman. All day, I was numb.  Surreally, I drifted through my day with heaviness in my heart.  I hung onto denial

High Stakes – A Divorce Story

“But he’s such nice bloke!” everyone protested. And they were right. Colin, father of my son, Jamie, was a lovely man, a wonderful friend and a great dad.  He still is. Yet much as I appreciated Colin, I was increasingly unhappy in

What I Learned From Divorce – “Annette”

When earlier this year, the newspapers were full of the Vicky Price story, the worst moments of my marriage came back to hunt me. Marital coercion, mental pressure were examined, explained, laughed at and again she was not believe. There was no

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