Coping with Divorce and Health

Going through divorce takes a toll on emotions and can wreak havoc on the physical functioning of one’s body. Stress puts the body on red alert, that one is facing danger and to get prepared. Chronic stress keeps the body in a


Some Humorous Quotes and for you!

Still think that laughter is the best medicine even when going through a damn divorce! You cannot beat a smile or a belly laugh in making you forget, even for a second, what you’re going through.  It truly helps in coping with

Divorce Help – Reiki Healing

It is during these times that we really need to remember to look after our minds, bodies and spirits. We all know this, however dealing with and organising self-care, in the big grand scheme of traumatic relationship breakdowns is sometimes, well just


How to be Happy Alone

We speak with Rebecca Norrington – the Happiness Specialist. Coping with divorce or dealing with divorce can be hard but it can be done and you can be happy again.  So many of us are constantly in pursuit of happiness and Rebecca shares with