Divorce Help – Reiki Healing

It is during these times that we really need to remember to look after our minds, bodies and spirits. We all know this, however dealing with and organising self-care, in the big grand scheme of traumatic relationship breakdowns is sometimes, well just


How to be Happy Alone

We speak with Rebecca Norrington – the Happiness Specialist. Coping with divorce or dealing with divorce can be hard but it can be done and you can be happy again.  So many of us are constantly in pursuit of happiness and Rebecca shares with

Boudoir Poses

To celebrate the upcoming holiday Mother’s Day we thought about some gifts we mums could give ourselves or request from others:-) So we begin with BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY and we had the pleasure of speaking with Sharon a wonderful boudoir photographer about boudoir

Coping with Divorce – Instead of Self-Medicating…

Self-medicating is an unhealthy way of dealing with acute stress and people shared how they survived divorce and beyond without hitting the bottle. Gardening is what got Aiden through a tough divorce situation, and is a wonderful way to center oneself by

The 5 Sensuality Secrets

Sensuality is a luscious word, take your time as you say it: sen-su-al-ity, luxuriate over each syllable.  Just like when you’re eating something delicious, you slowly savour each morsel to make it last that bit longer. Being sensual is feeling connected to

It’s Good to Talk

Separation and Divorce – you don’t have to go through it alone.  Find someone you trust to talk to, it will help and it is “good to talk”. There’s a whole host of emotions that surface in times of change; fear, anger,

Moving Home after Divorce

Do you want to know what needs doing when moving home after a divorce?  The Divorce Magazine spoke with Ingrid Jansen, professional organiser and founder of Organise Your House, for advice. You’ve decided you and your partner are no longer going to

Pitfalls of Self-Medication

Do not fall into the trap of self-medicating to alleviate the emotional pain of divorce. It does not eliminate the past; it just postpones it in a destructive way.  it does not allow you to clearly and deeply process and release these