5 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Narcissists can be charming people who are the centre of attention. The spotlight shines on them and it can be enticing to be their date. They crave admiration for their overinflated egos. Something may seem a bit off, but then one thinks,”

Criminalisation of Controlling Behaviour

At the end of 2015, new legislation came into force introducing a new offence for ‘controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship’. This is a hugely important step, that will help clarify what constitutes domestic abuse, making it easier

Emotional Abuse and Financial Abuse

Domestic violence is more noticeable to others outside of the marriage, especially when one partner is sporting a black eye. Financial and emotional abuse can be more hidden to family and friends, but no less devastating. These two seem to go hand in

Why do People Have Affairs

Here’s another interview with Personal Crisis Coach Danielle Barbereau where she answers the question, “Why do people have affairs?” among others. Here are some of her answers but there’s more on the video below: Why do people have affairs? 99% of my clients are

Signs You Are Married to a Sociopath

A sociopath can be quite the charmer in pursuing what they want. Also known as antisocial personality disorder, these individuals may date someone who is wealthy, has great job connections or is a means to obtaining something desirable. They do not relate

When to get a Divorce

When on the fence about divorce, consider marital counselling, even if your spouse refuses to participate. This will help you recognize if the marriage is salvable or if you have been missing these clues that have led others to file for divorce

The One about Holidays Triggering Divorce

Some people have chosen to stay together until after the holidays for a variety of reasons. It may be to give the children one last Christmas together. One agony aunt printed a letter from a woman whose daughter-in-law is filing for divorce