In Converstation with Farhana Dhalla – How I Survived Infidelity and Divorce

Farhana Dhalla Author of Thank You For Leaving Me
Farhana Dhalla
Author of
Thank You For Leaving Me

The book is the result of a life experience.

The book starts off at the beginning of the end of her marriage.  It was valentines day when she found out that her husband had bought a gift for another woman. This left Farhana in a surreal state, with this shocking piece of news.

The shock was one of the things but when he actually did confirm to me that yes he wanted out of the marriage, and that he had been wanting out of the marriage for a long time, Farhana’s very, very first feeling was relief!

But she didn’t pay attention to the relief and the next feeling that came up was fear and that made more sense to her so that’s the one she went with and she talks about how she stayed in that state of fear trying to hold on to something that was clearly over.

What she now understands is that that was the voice of truth

Anytime truth has been spoken, we feel relief because truth is our natural state.  The soul is always calling for truth and because she had never entertained the prospect of divorce in her life, something big needed to occur in order for the truth to just be known.

It all happened very quickly.  The kids knew within the hour.  She went into a numb place and became more of an observer than a participant.

How did they handle their 6 year old’s daughter’s question, “Are you two splitting up?”  Farhana didn’t need to verbally respond because her daughter could read it on her face.

  • How did Farhana find out about her husband’s affair?  It was the scent and the receipt that gave it away.
  • How did they tell the children who were 6, 5 and 1 at the time?
  • What was her saving grace?
  • What was Farhana’s biggest lesson from this experience?  That she couldn’t be victim and free at the same time.

Listen to Farhana’s remarkable journey.  How her husband’s leaving brought her into her own being.  How the shame engulfed her especially coming from a family where divorce was very rare.

Unfortunately this recording is no longer available

Author Farhana Dhalla is a much-loved coach, speaker and author who offers an honest and raw look at how to recover and rebirth yourself after the end of a marriage.

She chronicles the process of going through the ‘crunchy’ times and arriving at a spiritual awakening where her great realization came in seeing that everything was happening FOR her versus TO her.

This profound realization changed the lens in which she views everything making way for the Magnificent life that laid ahead to unfold. This is your possibility too.

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