The Valentine’s Day Blues

Facing your first Valentine’s Day during or post-divorce can be like pouring salt into an open wound or a “non-event” as many people disclosed. You may feel like holing up at home screaming at the world, or out and about as if

Being Available for the Soulmate Experience

Millions of us dream of experiencing a deeply connected relationship that grows richer and more intimate with time. We believe that our soulmates—with whom we’re emotionally, physically, and spiritually in sync—are out there somewhere, if only we knew how to find them.

How Your Beliefs Affect Your Relationships

What does what you believe have to do with the soulmate experience? It’s difficult to have an extraordinary relationship when your mind is cluttered with less-than-extraordinary beliefs. If you believe in lack, you’ll see lack wherever you look. If you believe in


Why Forgive?

Forgiving your ex can seem like a daunting task that has no merit for you. So why do it? Webster’s Dictionary defines forgiving as “ceasing to feel resentment towards an offender”. Holding on to this resentment is a way to stay attached

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