Grandparent Rights in UK

When parents get divorced, they are encouraged to sort out arrangements for any children between themselves, so that things can remain as amicable as possible. The best interests of the children should be the focal consideration and both parents should continue to

Divorce Statistics Across the Years

  Toby is our Head of Family Law at Banner Jones. He has specialised in family matrimonial work since 1996, qualifying in 1997. He has been recognised by the Legal 500 for his ‘exceptional’ family work and is now a Recommended Lawyer.

Is Arbitration legally binding? Does it have any teeth?

Is Arbitration legally binding Well I asked this question of Arbitrators who are, let’s face it, lawyers – so not surprisingly, I got both the ‘technically correct’ answers as well as the ‘in real life’ answers: “It isn’t correct to say that

Divorce Statistics UK – Who and Why

Here’s a great infrographic on divorce statistics UK courtesy of family law firm Brookman Solicitors – There’s plenty of interesting information on here including: Only 1 divorce where the couple were both under 20 compared to over 9,000 divorce of those


Why Work with a Divorce Lawyer

  The doing away with Legal Aid has courted much controversy in the media, across the legal community and for those people who have been affected by its demise. This has been coupled with a government sponsored push to drive compulsory Mediation

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