Is Arbitration legally binding? Does it have any teeth?

Is Arbitration legally binding Well I asked this question of Arbitrators who are, let’s face it, lawyers – so not surprisingly, I got both the ‘technically correct’ answers as well as the ‘in real life’ answers: “It isn’t correct to say that

Divorce Statistics UK – Who and Why

Here’s a great infrographic on divorce statistics UK courtesy of family law firm Brookman Solicitors – There’s plenty of interesting information on here including: Only 1 divorce where the couple were both under 20 compared to over 9,000 divorce of those


Why Work with a Divorce Lawyer

  The doing away with Legal Aid has courted much controversy in the media, across the legal community and for those people who have been affected by its demise. This has been coupled with a government sponsored push to drive compulsory Mediation

Divorce Advice – Your Question Answered

This is the first of a list of questions that we have for Ann Corrigan of Clarity Family Law. There will be more to follow so keep a good look out. If you would like a question answered then do contact us

The Divorce Process UK

Another informative and valuable infographic from Davis Blank Furniss showing the divorce process in the UK so you know what to expect along the way and approximately how long you might expect the divorce process to last. You may also be interested


Is an Online Divorce Right for You?

In April 2013, individuals that were seeking to divorce their husband or wife were no longer entitled to legal aid (unless they had been the victim of domestic abuse) irrespective of their financial circumstances. As a result of this, companies offering online


Divorce Mediation vs Family Court

We often hear that Mediation is “better for the children” – but when it comes to making the decision divorce mediation vs family court many people are unsure which way to turn. Suzy Miller interviewed Divorce Mediators John Stebbing and Wendy Still of Stephen