Is an Online Divorce Right for You?

In April 2013, individuals that were seeking to divorce their husband or wife were no longer entitled to legal aid (unless they had been the victim of domestic abuse) irrespective of their financial circumstances. As a result of this, companies offering online


Divorce Mediation vs Family Court

We often hear that Mediation is “better for the children” – but when it comes to making the decision divorce mediation vs family court many people are unsure which way to turn. Suzy Miller interviewed Divorce Mediators John Stebbing and Wendy Still of Stephen

Dealing with Divorce in 3 Steps – Change Lawyers

Do I need to change lawyers? In this interview with Sandie Martel of Be OK Therapy, the UK’s Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller interviews her about the second of 3 key pieces of advice, taken from Sandie’s personal story to help you cope with your divorce in the best possible manner.

Same Sex Marriage Bill – A Level Playing Field?

The first Same Sex Marriage is expected to take place next month. The Marriage Bill (Same Sex Couples) legislation, which had previously divided opinion in government, was far from controversial when Parliament granted Royal Assent last summer. The unanimous approval of the

Do You Need a McKenzie Friend?

McKenzie Friends – a help or a hindrance in a changing legal world? For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of a McKenzie Friend, I hope this summary will inform and possibly provoke debate. What is a McKenzie

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