Choosing your Divorce Lawyer or Family Mediator

There are several ways of finding the right solicitor or mediator for your divorce. If you know someone in any area of the legal field, ask them whom they would personally select. Another way is to query people that you value in

Top Financial Concerns when Thinking about Divorce

Yours or mine? With the news that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has filed for divorce comes the speculation about how the split could dent her multi-million pound fortune. As there is allegedly no pre-nuptial agreement in place, the path to separation may be a

About Family Mediation

About family mediation Family mediation is a process that enables separating couples to negotiate face-to-face about the arrangements for their future with the help of a qualified, skilled and experienced third party. Family mediation is confidential, voluntary and impartial. All of the

How, Why and What is a Prenup?

When anyone gets married, they truly hope it will last forever; however unfortunately this isn’t always the case. With 42% of marriages in the UK now ending in divorce, people are extremely keen to take a sensible approach by planning what should

Is Family Arbitration a Flash in the Pan?

It seems clear that Family Arbitration has something to offer in the divorce arena, but will it be adopted by the legal profession as another tool in the divorce tool-box – or be quietly left in a cupboard to be brought into

Child Custody and the Prenup

The Divorce Magazine recently got a reader’s question through regarding child custody and the prenup.  The enquirer wanted to know if, in the event of a divorce, child custody, child arrangment or guardianship can be included in the prenuptial agreement. We put this

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