Rules of Disengagement – Divorce and Financial Planning

Divorce or separation can cause significant personal upheaval, but dealing with important practicalities can prevent difficulties becoming worse. Unfortunately, more than 40% of UK marriages end in divorce.1 While divorce and separation can be emotionally and psychologically damaging, they can also come

Managing your Finances after Divorce

There is no doubt that experiencing a divorce can turn your life upside down, both emotionally and financially. For many, it is a devastating and traumatic event that can be messy, protracted and expensive. Managing your finances after a divorce can, therefore,

What Is The Average Cost Of Divorce?

If you’re considering going through a divorce, often one of the biggest worries will be the overall cost associated with the process. After all, divorce has always been famous for its price tag. But what does the price entail? Aviva estimates the

What is the Cost of Divorce?

Aviva estimates the overall cost of a divorce at nearly £44,000 – or £21,979 per partner to be precise. That seems like a whopping amount. However, the cost of legal fees per person on average makes up just £1,280 of that total.

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