Hollow Victory for Graham Mills in Supreme Court Ruling?

The landmark ruling – that divorced surveyor Graham Mills should not be forced to keep coughing up increased maintenance payments resulting from his ex-wife’s bad financial decisions – reinforces the need for ‘clean break’ orders. The Supreme Court overturned the Court of Appeal’s decision

I got Divorced Abroad, is it Valid in England?

When it comes to divorce and family law, different countries’ approaches can vary enormously. Recognition of a foreign divorce is important as it can affect your ability to remarry and cause issues in relation to wills and inheritance, welfare benefits, marital status,

Divorce and the Child Maintenance Calculator

Child maintenance is a key issue for many parents who are getting divorced or separating, as it relates to financial support towards a child’s everyday living costs, after two parents have separated. Understandably this is a key concern for parents who are getting divorced or

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