Top 10 Articles to Help Start the Divorce Process

If you’re currently considering filing for a divorce or are just at the start of the divorce process, here are some articles that we believe will help you along the way. The Divorce Magazine has several accessible, informative and essential legal articles

Going through Divorce with a Business Involved

The family business comes in all shapes and sizes and in view of this can often be the most difficult financial settlement to conclude following a divorce. In today’s uncertain economic climate there are potential storms on the horizon for the family

Pension Sharing on Divorce

It is easy to see how getting divorced can have a negative impact on an individual’s finances, whether it be those of the wife or the husband. Having two houses and cars to pay for and run, where once there may have

Rules of Disengagement – Divorce and Financial Planning

Divorce or separation can cause significant personal upheaval, but dealing with important practicalities can prevent difficulties becoming worse. Unfortunately, more than 40% of UK marriages end in divorce.1 While divorce and separation can be emotionally and psychologically damaging, they can also come

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