In reading the headlines over the last couple of weeks, one would have thought that it is now settled law that every divorced Mum would be compelled to go out and “get a job”. This follows the high profile divorce of Mrs

Separation Advice from Gingerbread

As January typically sees a rise in couples taking the difficult decision to end their relationship,here is some vital separation advice from Gingerbread. It can be a tough time and it brings a lot of change, especially when you have children. With decisions


Why Work with a Divorce Lawyer

  The doing away with Legal Aid has courted much controversy in the media, across the legal community and for those people who have been affected by its demise. This has been coupled with a government sponsored push to drive compulsory Mediation

The Clean Break and Spousal Maintenance

Divorce (Financial Provisions) Bill received its second reading in the House of Lords in June 2014. One objective of the Bill, which was introduced by Baroness Deech, is to limit maintenance payments to three years by making changes to the Matrimonial Causes


Is an Online Divorce Right for You?

In April 2013, individuals that were seeking to divorce their husband or wife were no longer entitled to legal aid (unless they had been the victim of domestic abuse) irrespective of their financial circumstances. As a result of this, companies offering online