What Mortgage Can I Afford?

 Mortgage Capacity Assessment – Helping to Negotiate the right divorce Settlement. Recently a friend of mine who is currently going through a divorce came to me with a problem. She had done everything right so far; she had sought advice from a


Income and Divorce

Aviva’s Winter 2013 report explores the growing diversity among UK families fuelled by trends in cohabitation, separation/divorce and remarriage. Past relationships are teaching families valuable lessons about managing money yet Aviva’s latest Family Finances Report also paints a worrying picture of unprotected

What is a Pre-nup?

Why you need a pre-nuptial agreement even if you’re not filthy rich Nigella Lawson was glad to have entered into one before her marriage to Saatchi, whereas Dragon’s Den tycoon Duncan Bannatyne claims to have lost most of his wealth through his

Divorce and Your Financial Plan

Going through divorce is a very emotional time, so much so, that it is often very difficult to focus upon and make clear decisions about what you need to do about your finances. This situation can easily become exacerbated if you’ve had

Collaborative Law Explained

Each person who has decided to separate or divorce in the Collaborative Law process has their own solicitor where meetings take place in the same room with the aim of resolving everything face to face. I find this works better than correspondence