Single Parents on Holiday

Dreading your first holiday alone with the kids? Travelling as a single parent doesn’t have to be a chore! Holidaying on your own with your children can be difficult and lonely, especially the first time around. The last thing you need after

How to Avoid Parental Alienation

Andrew Ford separated from the mother of his youngest daughter when she was only a year old. During the past 5 years, it has been a challenge to get to see her regularly.  He also has a 13-year-old daughter from an earlier

Best Cruises for Kids

It can be overwhelming taking your first vacation with your children post-divorce, when you book for one of those single parent holidays such as cruises for kids. You may have had special places that you journeyed to as a family or you

Children, Gifts and Visitation

Webster’s dictionary defines gift as “something voluntarily transferred from one person to another without compensation.”  This means an item is given freely without strings attached. Abe and his younger brother had limited visitations with their father with no overnights. Due to previous

Broken Homes, Broken Children?

I recently read the above title somewhere cannot recall where.  It was a piece on divorce and children and the effects of divorce on children. I have to say that the title did upset me somewhat because I’m so tired of hearing

Children, Divorce and Visitation

Transitions between parents can be challenging, especially for younger children. They start to feel settled and then it is time to move back again to the other parent’s place. One’s attitude sets the tone for these exchanges. If you cannot manage to