Children, Divorce and Visitation

Transitions between parents can be challenging, especially for younger children. They start to feel settled and then it is time to move back again to the other parent’s place. One’s attitude sets the tone for these exchanges. If you cannot manage to


Family Mediation in practice: Case Examples

1.    How mediation has helped couples; 2.    When the mediation process has encountered difficulties; 3.    Were those difficulties in mediation terminal or were they overcome in some way?; 4.    The client’s relationship with the mediator.   How family mediation has helped couples “Co

Children Deal with Divorce Differently

We all know and understand that each child is different and how he or she handles divorce will be unique to them.  Yet we are also probably aware that the reaction that they have will also depend on their age or developmental stage.

Divorce – Children Need Fathers

As a new year begins, many of us will be looking at the year ahead as a time of change. For many parents across the UK, this may also be a time of anxiety and stress; sadly, many family breakups tend to

Co-Parenting Tips for a Healthy Relationship

One of the biggest fears for parents going through separation is the impact it will have on their children. The decision to separate is not usually made quickly or easily and the process of ending a relationship is difficult.  This is an