Conflict and Children of Divorce

Where there’s divorce there’s usually conflict, almost always, the only thing that will differ is the intensity and duration of the conflict. Helping children cope with divorce from the get go is vital if you’re to avoid as many negative effects of

A Guide for Blended Families

Step-parents and children can thrive in blended families with little understanding of the process. Merging begins with the Courting Phase, just as with dating. People are on their best behaviour, showing their good side and hiding their less stellar points. They may

Co-Parenting – Are you the Toxic Parent?

Here’s an infographic showing toxic parent symptoms found in some co-parenting relationships soon after divorce and for a long time after. To read the full article go to Soila Sindiyo – Huffington Post   Soila is the founder of The Divorce Magazine and creator

Tips on Co-Parenting with a Sociopath

Sociopath is also called antisocial personality disorder and is one of the most difficult people to have as a co-parent. New research has indicated that there can be a genetic link to having antisocial personality disorder and it sometimes runs in families.

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Narcissists lack empathy so this makes co-parenting with a narcissist more challenging. They do not have compassion, so only pretend to care for others, including family members and it’s very likely that their children become targets for their manipulation, since they are

4 Top Tips on Single Parent Holidays

When it comes to going on holiday as a single parent and for the first time, it may feel quite different, daunting and unfamiliar. You may even find yourself looking over at other families and for a brief moment envying them for

Create and Embrace your Parenting Plan!

There are so many positives to co-parenting that I remain amazed at why people resist it so much that they would rather go to court and allow for a judge, a perfect stranger to the children, to decide where they will live,

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