Hollow Victory for Graham Mills in Supreme Court Ruling?

The landmark ruling – that divorced surveyor Graham Mills should not be forced to keep coughing up increased maintenance payments resulting from his ex-wife’s bad financial decisions – reinforces the need for ‘clean break’ orders. The Supreme Court overturned the Court of Appeal’s decision

What is Guardianship of a Child?

The rights and needs of children are of paramount importance in the eyes of the law. One way of offering them a voice during legal proceedings is through the appointment of a guardian ad litem. Generally, a guardian will be assigned to


What is a Non-molestation Order?

Non-molestation orders – designed to protect victims of domestic violence from being abused and to stop the abuser from being violent towards the victims – help victims to deal with difficult ex-partners and people they are still in a relationship with. Those who

How to Make Divorce Easier on Children

I have often thought that we should take research into the effects of divorce on children with a pinch of salt and concentrate on common sense, practical measures to reduce the impact. The latest study to grab headlines has concluded that a