Marriage: A Partnership of Equals?

In 2006 the House of Lords introduced the equal sharing principle in the joint appeal of Miller -v- Miller; MacFarlane -v- MacFarlane. The Court described marriage as being a “partnership of equals”. The consequence of this has been that the sharing principle

What are the Top Ten Tips on Separation?

Melanie Pilmer Family Solicitor at Greene & Greene suggests 10 important issues to consider at the early stages of separation:- 1. Bank Accounts You need to consider if any joint accounts are to be closed or whether overdraft facilities on those accounts need

Divorce and the Farming Family

The damaging effects of divorce are often felt more acutely in cases involving farming families: especially so where the farm has been held within one family for generations. Often farming businesses will involve Partnership or Corporate Structures, land may be co-owned with


2016: The Year of the Prenup

In my role as a family lawyer, I am often asked by clients about prenuptial agreements. The idea of a nuptial agreement regularly provokes a range of emotive responses. Those who are not open to the idea start by questioning whether they