What is Ancillary Relief or Application for a Financial Order

Daniel Rushton
Head of Family Law
Grindeys Solicitors

Technically, Ancillary Relief no longer exists.

It used to be the name of the application made by one party of a divorcing couple, asking the Court to resolve the financial issues relating to their marriage i.e. claims for capital, for spousal maintenance and against pensions.

This is now called an application for a financial order. People still refer to it as ancillary relief: ancillary meaning connected to divorce and relief as in to resolve the issues.

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Daniel has over 20 years’ experience as a specialist family law solicitor. He is Head of the Family Law team at Grindeys Solicitors based in Stoke on Trent.

Daniel has a particular interest and experience in dealing with business owners, company directors and members of the medical profession in matrimonial situations. For this type of work a solicitor who understands your business accounts and business structure is vital to obtain the best financial settlement possible.

Recent cases include one involving an international business and extremely valuable assets and pensions, as well as property abroad. He has acted for numerous doctors and other medical professionals, council workers, police officers and serving members of the armed services. In twenty-three years, Daniel has dealt with all walks of life and will adopt a professional yet caring approach to your situation.

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