How to Survive after the Affair – Dr Lori Bisbey

after the Affair

I got the chance to interview Dr Bisbey on how to save your marriage after the affair or put it another way, can a marriage be saved after infidelity or adultery?

Dr Biseby is a Psychologist and Relationship Coach.

She works with those s in the midst of relationship and want to create a good vibrant relationship and those struggling within their relationships. Lori also works with those who are having issues and are looking to or are wondering if they should go their separate ways.

Can a marriage survive infidelity is more a question like should a marriage survive infidelity?, Says Lori.

The interview is in 5 short parts packed with vital information and advice on such topics as:

  • Can my marriage survive infidelity?
  • What is infidelity anyway.  Lori believes there are different types of infidelity and whether a marriage can survive after the affair or not, may depend on the type of infidelity involved.  “Not all infidelity is equal,”  says Lori.  An ongoing affair for instance is likely to have a far bigger impact than a one off occurrence.
  • What about emotional infidelity?  Where does that come in and how much damage can that cause?  What is so damaging about emotional infidelity anyway?  Lori explains that it comes down to the fact that the “cheater” was emotionally intimate with someone else and not with his/her partner.  That’s what so damaging.
  • “Sexual infidelity can be much easier to cope with and deal with but an emotional betrayal is much harder and takes more work to get over,” she explains.
  • Find out how emotional infidelity comes about in the first place?
  • What about the serial cheater? Is that considered to be long term infidelity?
  • Is it true once a cheat always a cheat?
  • How do you know when some is cheating?  Just the same as you know that someone is lying?
  • Infidelity is often a symptom. The infidelity is a clue that this is done. Like someone is saying “I’ve been unfaithful, I really need out of this relationship.”
  • Polyamorous realtionshiop and open relationships where do they come in?  Can we have multiple partners? If so what are the rules around that?
  • How can you avoid infidelity?
  • Can someone else truly make you cheat?  Is it at all possible that it’s someone else’s fault?  People find hard to take responsibility especially when it’s something that hurts another.
  •  Good sex, as time goes on, is largely a function of the ability to communicate. If you can be emotionally intimate, your sex becomes incredible. If you can share on all sorts of other levels, the sexual relationship can be amazing.
  • What’s physical intimacy really about?
  • What role does pornography play today?  Can it be used to grow physical intimacy?
  • What advice does Lori give to anyone who has just discovered infidelity?
  • Can you have a relationship with no trust?


How to get in touch with Lori:

Lori on – Linkedin, Yotango,

Phone: +44 7770 858219
(US cell upon request)

Email: Lori@wolfsfire.com

 Lori can conduct sessions over skype too.

If you’re interested in her couples retreats, please do contact Lori directly and she will be more than happy to let you know when and where the next ones are.



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