Five Modern Myths about Family Mediation

Mediation is essentially a safe environment for two people to air, discuss, and hopefully resolve their difficulties. It is facilitated by a mediator, who is there, essentially to “chair” the meeting, in other words to keep it on track and to ensure

What is a MIAM in Family Mediation?

MIAM stands for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. MIAM is a short meeting where each disputant meets with a trained Family Mediator to get information about how mediation works and to understand the benefits it can offer as a way to resolve


What is Family Mediation Worth?

What is mediation worth? How can you quantify the financial and emotional value of a successful mediation for any given family? These are surprisingly difficult questions to answer.  For me, they are about as impossible to quantify as: How much money has

Family Mediation – A Case Study

A dispute between a couple who divorced five years ago but where there have been ongoing difficulties between them Frankie and Johnny were married for five years during which time they had two children, John and Jane who are now aged 10

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