What is a MIAM in Family Mediation?

What is a MIAM in Family Mediation

MIAM stands for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting.

MIAM is a short meeting where each disputant meets with a trained Family Mediator to get information about how mediation works and to understand the benefits it can offer as a way to resolve disputes.

At the meeting, the mediator will discuss with the parties the nature of their dispute and will explore with them whether mediation would be a suitable way to resolve the issues on which there is disagreement.

If mediation is appropriate, the mediator will discuss with the parties how many sessions they may need, how much it would cost, information about other services that provide help and explain whether they might qualify for legal aid to pay for mediation.

If everyone agrees to try mediation then an appointment is made for the joint mediation meeting.

On the other hand, if mediation is not appropriate for the parties’ circumstances, the mediator will explain why mediation is not suitable option to resolve their dispute and certificate explaining reasons.

If the parties are exempted from mediation, they can decide to take their case to court but they are expected to provide confirmation from a mediator that a ‘mediator’s exemption’ applies.

When does MIAM come in Divorce Proceedings?

It is requirement for separating couples to attend a MIAM before making certain kinds of applications to obtain a Court order. These applications include children contact or divorce proceedings.

If a party makes application to Court without trying other options to resolve dispute, the Court has a general power to adjourn proceedings in order for non-court dispute resolutions to be attempted such as Family Mediation option.

The court would require confirmation from a mediator that she or he has attended a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

About Kadan Hassan

Kadan Hassan is aspiring lawyer and a trained Family Mediator with over 9 years’ helping families resolve broad range of disputes.

She is committed to the constructive and cooperative resolution of family disputes and to helping her clients to see the big picture – that their family assets are more than just bricks and mortar and money, they include future relationships specially where children are involved.

Kadan is also knowledgeable in Islamic divorce law.

She is a member of College of Mediators and Family Mediation Council.

Outside of work, Kadan’s physical and mental discipline is Muay Thia boxing.

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