Preparing for a Virtual Christmas

The festive season may not (quite) be cancelled, but there is a strong possibility that it’s going to need to be held virtually. That may not be glad tidings but preparing now could help to make it a lot less bad. Here

Step-Parent Alienation

Parental alienation exists in the world of step-parents too and is commonly known as step-parent alienation. These step-parents can get a double dose of it from either biological parent. Parental Alienation is when a parent makes disparaging remarks about the other one. The attacking

Changing Your Name After Divorce

Keeping your family name or changing your name after divorce? What about you, did you take on your husband’s name when you got married? Did you keep your family name? Or did the whole family take on your name? Now that you’re

Birthing a Divorce – Healing after Divorce

Going through a separation and having a divorce feels very much like giving birth. You go through various phases of different sorts of labour pains, to finally giving birth to a baby called Divorce. Congratulations on your new arrival, your new life.