The UK’s MOST Innovative Divorce Firm Launches WhatsApp Service and Promises 24/7 Communication for Clients

Divorce Firm Launches WhatsApp Service
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Chris Sweetman
Chris Sweetman,
Fair Results

Lack of communication is a common criticism on Reddit( r/divorce subreddit )from clients dealing with divorce lawyers, and they can often be left feeling in the dark and let down. Clients can often find that they can’t get in touch with their solicitor at a time that is convenient for them, certain costs are kept hidden and often not given a clear answer to their questions or concern. This can often result in unnecessary delays.

u/shouldievenbehere2 on the Divorce subreddit Reddit posted “My lawyer missed an email and realized 2 weeks later. Now when she sent the draft to me, I told her it’s fine to send back (on the same day) so they can send it on DocuSign asap. It’s been 3 days and my lawyer still hasn’t responded to me or replied to opposing counsel. I’m at my wits end, she has been very inconsistent with her communication throughout this whole process and now when things are coming to an end and there’s literally the easiest task to do she does not respond.”

Fair Result is looking to completely change this by creating a WhatsApp service unique to their client’s case, ensuring 24/7 access with a promise of same-day responses.

Our constant aim is to speed up divorce negotiations, create certainty with fees and ensure parties and clients engaging with the solicitors in divorce and final settlement hearings receive an effective clear and transparent service from the lawyers they engage to deal with their case.

Find out more about our WhatsApp service here

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