Coping with Divorce – Stress Relieving Foods

Stress Relieving Foods
Jess Scott – Nutritionist & Creator of

We asked Nutritional Therapist Jess Scott what foods were best to eat and/or avoid when going through divorce and separation.  

The write up below is just a small snippet of the interview.  Jess had plenty of good advice so click play, watch and listen to all of it!

What stress relieving foods would you suggest we take when going through divorce?

Food habits do change when you’re going through changes and moments of heightened stress.

Having more nutrient dense food that gives you more bang for you buck is really important.

Jess is not calorie focused at all and she promotes that with every single one of her clients. So when going through stress do ditch the whole calorie thing because it’s really just one more thing to be stressed about and instead focus on what foods make you feel really good.

For a lot of people it’s really about eating loads of plant foods, fruit and vegetables and don’t forget the non-farmed fish and the lean meats if you do eat meat.

Try avocado on toast in the morning or make food in a batch as that will also reduce the stress of thinking, what to cook in the evening.  Doing this may help clear some head space which in turn could play a role in your decision making during this time of stress. 

Doing this also means that you don’t have to keep putting your will power to the test. Once you have the foods ready to defrost and eat, your chances of snacking on other unhealthy foods is minimised

What foods should we avoid during this time of stress?

Jess focuses on what to include as opposed to what to avoid because most people know what foods aren’t good for them. 

For breakfast for instance, when you are in a rush to get things done and to get the children ready for school, smoothies are a really good way to go.  Then you have 5 fruit and vegetables in there already!

Jess is a nutritionist & creator of all the recipes you find on her website – jessipes.co.uk  .

Jess works with clients from all over the world but predominantly in London as that is where she her two clinics are based.  

Jess also consult for a few food and fitness companies such as Graze.com, Daylesford Organic & Fitbit and write health articles for Men’s Health, LOOK magazine and FHM.


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