Is my business a matrimonial asset?

While not always the case, in the event of a divorce it is common for a business asset – whether it is a private company, sole trader, interest in a company or shares in a limited company – to be considered part

The role of mediation in the divorce process

Many clients who have attended a meeting with a solicitor or done their reading online will have heard about mediation as an option for resolving disputes around divorce or separation. The government’s strategy for family justice is to require people to attend

What are the grounds for divorce in the United States

While the grounds, or legal reasons, for divorce vary from state to state, this article will explain common grounds for divorce and the difference between no-fault and at-fault grounds for divorce from the office of a noted divorce mediation attorney in Philadelphia.

Who will look after my children if I pass?

These days, most parents have a very good chance of living until their children reach the age of 18 (and, indeed, well beyond). Sadly, however, there are never any guarantees. This means that all parents need to think about what will happen

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