Parental Alienation Syndrome – PAS

This is Adolf’s Story. Once again, I (Soila) am in touch with a desperate father, whose children have been taken away from him. If you’re the alienating parent, I would be so very interested in understanding why you have chosen this for

Parental Polarization vs Parental Alienation

Parental polarization is when children are strongly attached to one parent and have a poor relationship with the other one.  This is not about a baby clinging to his mother before spending time with his father. Polarization is when children truly balk

How to Avoid Parental Alienation

Andrew Ford separated from the mother of his youngest daughter when she was only a year old. During the past 5 years, it has been a challenge to get to see her regularly.  He also has a 13-year-old daughter from an earlier

Parental Alienation with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

If you have ever wondered what the effects are on fathers who lose contact with their children after divorce or separation then listen to this 15 min recording of Louis De Bernieres’ conversation with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on the one-to-one show on BBC radio 4 –

Step-Parent Alienation

Parental alienation exists in the world of step-parents too and is commonly known as step-parent alienation. These step-parents can get a double dose of it from either biological parent. Parental Alienation is when a parent makes disparaging remarks about the other one. The attacking