Retroactive Jealousy During Divorce And Beyond

Retroactive jealousy can lead to divorce. This  can be a red flag that something  in the relationship is wrong.  It also can indicate that a partner has control issues or has their own problem of handling jealousy. Retroactive jalousie  also happens post-divorce

Keeping Divorce Out Of School

Here are tips for parents, and divorce professionals to help keep divorce out of the schools. Children bringing their parents’ divorce drama into the classroom is disrupting. It wastes teaching time and can cause other students to lose focus on their lessons.

When is it time to Divorce?

Deciding whether or not to divorce is a difficult decision to make. Think carefully before uttering the phrase, “I want a divorce.” Once those words are out of your mouth – you cannot call them back. That statement will affect the rest

Dealing with an Aggressive Co-parent

It is a challenge to co-parent with an aggressive person post-divorce. They may have difficulties letting go when they are not on duty. They attempt to parent from afar, thus complicating your life. Prevention is the way to go if still in

Going through Divorce in Court

Some spouses may want to have a judge decide their fate and choose litigation. Others may disagree on issues and do not want to negotiate with each other. Or a judge receiving paperwork may have some questions and concerns, requiring one hearing

How to Start the Divorce Process

In April 22nd, 2014 a change was made in Family Law to have a couple attend a mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) to see if mediation is a viable option for them as a divorce process and as a possible way

Coping with Divorce at Work

There can be issues that arise on the job when going through divorce. For one thing, an individual may have to leave for divorce sessions or court dates. Consider scheduling mediation or collaborative meetings around lunch time or staying a bit later

How to Start the Divorce Process

In England and Wales, the person filing for divorce is the petitioner and in Scotland it is the pursuer. The other spouse is the respondent in England and Wales and the defender in Scotland. The process of divorce commences when the petitioner

Boosting Children’s Self-Esteem in Divorce

Divorce affects children in many ways, including changes in their lifestyles and schedules. It can also impact their self-esteem, especially if the youngsters felt they were the cause of their parents’ separation. Reassure them that they are not to blame. Talk to