The Valentine’s Day Blues

Facing your first Valentine’s Day during or post-divorce can be like pouring salt into an open wound or a “non-event” as many people disclosed. You may feel like holing up at home screaming at the world, or out and about as if

Coping with Divorce – Instead of Self-Medicating…

Self-medicating is an unhealthy way of dealing with acute stress and people shared how they survived divorce and beyond without hitting the bottle. Gardening is what got Aiden through a tough divorce situation, and is a wonderful way to center oneself by

Pitfalls of Self-Medication

Do not fall into the trap of self-medicating to alleviate the emotional pain of divorce. It does not eliminate the past; it just postpones it in a destructive way.  it does not allow you to clearly and deeply process and release these


Why Forgive?

Forgiving your ex can seem like a daunting task that has no merit for you. So why do it? Webster’s Dictionary defines forgiving as “ceasing to feel resentment towards an offender”. Holding on to this resentment is a way to stay attached

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