How do I protect myself online during my divorce?

January has long held the unofficial moniker of ‘Divorce Month‘ due to the customary influx of new divorce enquiries following the Christmas holiday season. 2022 was a year of great technological change for the divorce courts in England and Wales with the move

Online Divorce Application? YES YOU CAN

Gary Lineker is making headlines and front pages today with his call to make getting divorced as easy as getting married stating: ‘It is easy to get married and very difficult to get divorced’ The article then goes on to discuss the

10 Myths about Online Divorce UK

So many questions have been asked about online divorce, so Carmen Hudson, Director at Divorcebox, has taken the time to give us the top 10 myths about online divorce UK Myth #1 – You need to use a Solicitor to get divorced

Online Divorce UK – How to File for Divorce Online

In this interview, Carmen Hudson of Divorcebox, explains how you can file for divorce online: Divorce online is exactly like any other divorce except that is done online.  Going through divorce is a very difficult experience but in the case where both partners

Online Divorce UK – 2016 A New Era For the Divorce Process

2015 heralded lots of significant changes for divorce and family law. We started the year with the government expressing concern about the potential for geographical ‘advice deserts’ and the likely ‘effect of geographical provision …of civil and family law’(1) services following the


Is an Online Divorce Right for You?

In April 2013, individuals that were seeking to divorce their husband or wife were no longer entitled to legal aid (unless they had been the victim of domestic abuse) irrespective of their financial circumstances. As a result of this, companies offering online

Travelling During and Post-Divorce

Solo travelling during and post-divorce can be daunting when used to having a spouse as a built-in travel partner. Flight delays and other travel issues can seem more stressful when no longer going on holiday as a duo. There are ways to

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