Mediation for Divorce: Is Family Mediation any Good?

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Austin Chessell is a qualified Collaborative Solicitor, Child and Family Mediator and regular contributor to The Divorce Magazine.

When it comes to divorce and family separation does the family court have to get involved?

Is it part of the family court decisions that a couple should attend family mediation or go for mediation for divorce?

Here Austin answers your questions on family mediation and how it can help in finding mediation solutions during divorce and family separation.

Mediation for Divorce?

  • How can family mediation help?
  • Is the agreement reached in family mediation legally binding?
  • Can children participate in the family mediation process?
  • Is family mediation for you?
  • How can you ensure that your mediation process has a positive outcome?

If you would like to speak more with Austin about family mediation you can contact him here:

Tel: +44(0) 7920 445832

Twitter: FamilyLawLondon

Linkedin: austin-chessell


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