How McKenzie Friends Help in the Divorce Process

McKenzie Friends
Graham Fletcher
Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend

McKenzie Friend, Graham Fletcher tells TDM how divorcing couples can get help when faced with court proceedings.

Having been through the courts system himself, Graham has come to know, understand and master what is required in order for your to succeed in your court case.

He explains how working with an experienced McKenzie Friend can help not only prepare for those divorce proceedings that end up in front of a judge, but how some McKenzie Friends can also accompany you to court.

In this interview, some of the questions answered by Graham include:

  • What is a Mckenzie Friend?
  • What role does a McKenzie Friend play?
  • Does a McKenzie Friend provide legal advice?
  • Can a McKenzie Friend accompany me to court or represent me in place of a lawyer?
  • Can a McKenzie Friend negotiate with the other parties in agreements?

If you’re wondering how to deal with divorce when going through divorce court then you may want to speak with a McKenzie Friend as they can indeed make your divorce proceedings more manageable.


Graham Fletcher is a McKenzie Friend with 15 years experience of working with children and families in conflict situations and a qualified mentor – www.mckenziefrienduk.com



photo credit: The Judge via photopin (license)

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