Divorce, Lack of Confidence and You.

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Annie Ashdown www.thedivorcemagazine.co.uk
Annie Ashdown The Confidence Expert

Are you lacking in a lack of confidence?

Fabulous interview with a great woman!

I was really pleased to get the chance to interview author, coach and confidence expert Annie Ashdown.

There’s so much to be said about gaining your confidence back but how much better is it to know this from a woman who has had one of the roughest life journeys you may ever have heard of?

Here is the first interview recorded in 3 parts for your convenience.

Click on the links below to get listen.


Annie Ashdown – Part 1

Annie Ashdown – Part 2

Annie Ashdown – Part 3

Some of the questions answered include:

  • Some people may not be aware that they are lacking in confidence.  What are the signs that someone’s self-esteem or confidence has plummeted or dropped?
  •  What is the very first thing you would advice someone to do when trying to restore their confidence?
  • Why do you keep saying yes when you really mean no and how that affects you.
  •  What types of experiences cause one to lose their confidence?
  • What are your tips on building your self-confidence?
  • How do boundaries help in building confidence?
  • What type of clients do you work with?
  • What has been your life experience that brought you to confidence coaching?

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Author of – The Confidence Factor, Doormat nor Diva Be


What they are saying.


Anybody can call themselves a “life coach” but it takes somebody unique like Annie to actually put the theory into practice and help people help themselves. Jeremy Kyle


Annie is full of passion, humility and a wealth of experience. Jo Hemming’s, Best Selling Author, Psychologist, ITV This Morning.


Annie Ashdown is at the credible end of coaching, her talent for engaging with people allowing her warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. She is respected and gorgeous on the inside and out. I cannot recommend Annie highly enough. She is the without a doubt, the very best.  Jessica Huie, Adviser to Prime Minister – Enterprise Britain. Worked under the wing of Simon Cowell 2001-2009.


Thank you Annie, you are an absolutely brilliant coach. Meg Matthews.


Annie has a practical, down to earth approach. Mica Paris


Annie is one of the best and if you seriously want to make changes, and take your life to the next level, Annie is the person to go to. Lynne Franks, PR Guru.

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