How to Keep a Relationship – John Gottman

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How to Keep a Relationship with John Gottman

Brilliant talk by Dr Gottman – the man who can predict within 3 mins of watching a couple in a conflict discussion, he can predict 96% accuracy how the conversation will go and whether a couple will get divorced or not, how happy they’ll be.

He talks about how to keep a relationship by changing how you deal with conflict and what really is the cornerstone of a good relationship.

I think you will be surprised by most of the things you hear here.

What are the factors that contribute to the demise of a relationship?

Listen to this talk, broken down in four parts, and just try and see what it is that you may do in your own relationship.

If you have contempt in your relationship, you really need to listen to this!

What he talks about:

  • Relationships that stay together but remain unhappy? “People who stay together and are unhappy, eventually lead parallel lives.”
  • What about respect, where does it come in?
  • What is the one thing, the one ingredient that is important in making a relationship work?  You will be surprised by the answer you get.
  • Honouring the role of fathers.  “What is the secret of keeping dads involved with babies is to have low conflict with mum and more intimacy with her”

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