How to Prepare for Divorce – The Practical Side

Daniel Rushton Head of Family Law Grindeys Solicitors
Daniel Rushton
Head of Family Law
Grindeys Solicitors

For some, the more organised amongst us, practical preparation for divorce will be an easy task.

Organised folders full of clearly labelled documents and all the information and paperwork required for divorce proceeding is easily accessible.

For others, perhaps the majority, bank statements will be stuffed in drawers, wage slips left at the office and the marriage certificate somewhere in the box with the wedding photos.

What do we mean by ‘practical preparation’?

Divorce, and particularly financial negotiations during divorce, requires a lot of paperwork and we advise clients to organise this as soon as possible.

The amount of information required can be overwhelming and sometimes, when the family home has been vacated, difficult to obtain. Not having the necessary documents prepared can cause delays, cost money and cause unnecessary stress.

To negotiate a financial settlement the law requires that both parties provide full and detailed financial disclosure.

In practice, what that means is that each party has to provide evidence of income, outgoings, debts, savings, pensions, business interests and the list goes on.

Being prepared for this process creates many benefits.

If, from the outset, you can provide your family law solicitor with accurate details of your financial circumstances, he or she can provide a more accurate view of the possible final outcome.

Providing the full picture to your solicitor can reduce your legal bill by eliminating the need for your solicitor to review your matter, request missing information and then review again.

Having a clear financial overview reduces risk.

Once you start legal proceedings you are under a legal obligation to provide information. Delays and omitting information, either deliberately or accidentally, only prolongs the procedure and can cause animosity between the divorcing couple, which can often unnecessarily, increase the legal bill for both.

Our clients also tell us that this practical preparation brings emotional benefits.  It helps them review their situation, think about the future and make positive plans, all part of the healing process when a marriage ends.

Reduce risk and stress

We strongly recommend all our clients to be as prepared as possible to reduce the risk, cost and stress often associated with a time of uncertainty and emotional trauma.

The Practical Preparation Checklist

To help, we provide our clients with a checklist of documents to prepare before divorce proceedings begin.  If you feel the document could benefit you,  you  can request a copy here.


Daniel has over 20 years’ experience as a specialist family law solicitor. He is Head of the Family Law team at Grindeys Solicitors based in Stoke on Trent.

Daniel has a particular interest and experience in dealing with business owners, company directors and members of the medical profession in matrimonial situations. For this type of work a solicitor who understands your business accounts and business structure is vital to obtain the best financial settlement possible.

Recent cases include one involving an international business and extremely valuable assets and pensions, as well as property abroad.

He has acted for numerous doctors and other medical professionals, council workers, police officers and serving members of the armed services. In twenty-three years, Daniel has dealt with all walks of life and will adopt a professional yet caring approach to your situation.


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