What to Expect When Moving House after Divorce?

Do you want to know what you can expect when moving house after a divorce? 

Ingrid Jansen of  Organise your House
Ingrid Jansen of
Organise your House

Divorce Magazine spoke to Ingrid Jansen, professional organiser and founder of Organise Your House, for advice.

You and your ex-partner have finalised the divorce and the house where you both lived and which you both owned has been sold. The exchange of keys will be in a couple of weeks and you both need to get your stuff out of the house before the end of that month.  You both suddenly realise how much needs doing.

Here are Ingrid’s top tips of what to do:

1: It should be very clear which items should be left in the house for the new owners. Have you agreed to leave curtains, light fittings, washing machine or kitchen equipment? Have a list so you both know which things can’t be taken by either of you.

2: Realise that moving always takes longer than you think. Don’t show up a day before the exchange and get into total panic about all the work that needs doing. Organise a man with a van, a removal company or family to help you well before the exchange date. Then if you do get behind on your schedule you have time left to organise yourself.

Moving house3: Agree with your partner in advance what happens with the items you both don’t want anymore. Can one of you take it all or do you need a clearance company to take care of it? Maybe one of you gets their belongings first and leaves the rest for the other to sort out. Negotiate in advance what will work for both of you.

4: Make a decision about what will happen with post that comes in after you’ve moved. You can’t expect the new owners to forward post to 2 different addresses unless you have agreed this with them in advance. You can leave 2 sheets of stickers behind. 1 sheet with your address and the other sheet with your ex-partners new address. If you’re both still getting on reasonably you can decide to have one of you receive all forwarded post and take care of it.

5: Be prepared you might be emotional on the last day you leave the house where you and your ex-partner have lived. Maybe your parents or your best friend can be there for moral support! Ask for help from your nearest and dearest. You don’t have to do this all alone!

Need some help? Get in the professional

If you find the whole process of de-cluttering and organising too daunting and would like an extra pair of hands to help you, please contact Ingrid Jansen of Organise Your House (www.organise-your-house.co.uk or call 078-65465100). She’s a de-clutter expert and has been helping her clients get organised for years.

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