How to Start Dating after Divorce and Infidelity

dating after divorce

Wondering how to start dating after divorce and infidelity?

dating after divorce and infidelity
Gary Spivak Founder of Fidelity Dating

If you were cheated on and find yourself single again then how do you begin to trust and date again?

Infidelity survivors didn’t just divorce because they fell out of love or realized there were too many differences to continue with their marriage.

Infidelity survivors were betrayed and had their world turn upside down by a cheating spouse. Below you will see the KITTIE method to help you rejoin the dating pool after being cheated on:

  • Know other infidelity survivors found trust and love again. So there is light at the end of the tunnel or a rainbow after the storm. There are plenty of forums like that provide support and hope.
  • Investigate your new partner if that will help put your mind at ease. There are various websites that you can check to see if your potential date or current SO is a cheater.
  • Talk to your new partner about what you are feeling and why. It’s important that you communicate and are on the same page.
  • Together you both should create boundaries and rules. You may both agree to have access to each other’s emails or phones.
  • Innocent until proven guilty. Your new SO isn’t a reincarnation of your old one who cheated on you.
  • Explore options to find someone who is faithful and you can relate to. Someone who was previously cheated on may be a good companion because they are less likely to cheat because they know how much it hurts.

We hope the KITTIE method of rejoining the dating pool after being cheated on helps you find a faithful loving partner.

Gary Spivak is the Founder of FidelityDating, dating site for infidelity survivors

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