Have you Completely Lost your Confidence with Clothes?

Shiver TV

Have you completely lost your confidence with clothes?

Struggling to keep up with the trends of the high street?

Does your partner take charge of your wardrobe?

Perhaps you can’t find clothes that fit, flatter and flaunt your unique personality?

Shiver TV

Finding the perfect outfit can be life changing but with so much choice on the high street and online, shopping can be exhausting and intimidating!

Maybe you need the confidence to make the right impression on a first date; perhaps you want to gain the edge in a job interview; or maybe help rebuild your self-esteem after coming to terms with a disability, loss or relationship breakdown.

We have a crack team of fashion experts with very different styles and personalities who will be on hand, pitching their visions to assist you with your choices. But it’s up to you to decide who you would like to take charge of your new look.

If you would like to be in with the opportunity to be styled by one of our experts, we would love to hear from you – thefittingroom@shiver.tv

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