Family Mediation in practice: Case Examples

1.    How mediation has helped couples; 2.    When the mediation process has encountered difficulties; 3.    Were those difficulties in mediation terminal or were they overcome in some way?; 4.    The client’s relationship with the mediator.   How family mediation has helped couples “Co

How to Divorce – Is there a ‘Right’ Way?

How to Divorce? I met a wife in mediation a couple of weeks ago who was clutching her twenty page list of chattels she ‘must have’ from the formal matrimonial home. She admitted that it was not really about the chattels but

Family Mediation Services – Children in Mediation

Direct Consultation With Children (DCC) in Family Mediation Services Since training to be a family mediator three years ago, several of my children issue mediation cases have led to the parents deciding that they would like to involve their children as part

What is Family Mediation?

1.    What is Family Mediation? This is a process by which divorcing or separating couples come together to discuss issues that they need to resolve once divorce is over such as financial issues and child contact issues 2.    How does the mediation process work?

Relocation and Family Mediation Matters

Austin Chessell looks at some of the main principles of the law on International Relocation and discusses how parents can use them in family mediation as an alternative to going to court to help them shape their own agreement on whether relocation with

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