10 Myths about Online Divorce UK

So many questions have been asked about online divorce, so Carmen Hudson, Director at Divorcebox, has taken the time to give us the top 10 myths about online divorce UK Myth #1 – You need to use a Solicitor to get divorced

Online Divorce UK – How to File for Divorce Online

In this interview, Carmen Hudson of Divorcebox, explains how you can file for divorce online: Divorce online is exactly like any other divorce except that is done online.  Going through divorce is a very difficult experience but in the case where both partners

Online Divorce UK – 2016 A New Era For the Divorce Process

2015 heralded lots of significant changes for divorce and family law. We started the year with the government expressing concern about the potential for geographical ‘advice deserts’ and the likely ‘effect of geographical provision …of civil and family law’(1) services following the

Family Arbitration and Privacy

According to Sir Peter Singer, the ability of parties to conduct an arbitration in relation to their private financial affairs without fear of unwelcome publicity is another important advantage which the IFLA Scheme offers. What may draw people to Arbitration more than

Family Arbitration – Friend or foe

So are family law solicitors going to support the education of their clients with regard to accessing Arbitration – or are they going to effectively hinder the process? Arbitrator Olive McCarthy believes that a setback to the scheme is that unfortunately other family solicitors

Your First Meeting with your Divorce Lawyer

Getting records together for your new divorce solicitor or mediator is a first step in the divorce process. Sometimes one’s financial state seems to be a jumble of loans and assets and the solicitor will have to get a general idea of


What is Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy?

Psychoanalysis is a term that is often used to describe a type of intensive individual psychotherapy that draws upon a specialist knowledge base involving the field of unconscious mental life as first defined by Freud. Psychoanalytic psychotherapists generally accept that the unconscious

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