The Thing about Divorce Lawyers all Over

Is it just me or are family lawyers becoming progressively aware of the real impact they have on separating parents and their children? I often say that family solicitors are the first emergency service when it comes to divorce and separation. Since

The One about Online Lawyers

Virtual lawyers are not much different from the regular ones. Most people think that lawyers who can be hired online, don’t have the appropriate expertise, which is a huge misconception. Online lawyers have the same level of expertise and courthouse experience as

Protecting your Family Business when going through Divorce

The trauma of divorce, which impacts on separating couples, their children, and their wider family and friends, can be further exacerbated when a business is involved. Many business owners with failed marriages have found themselves losing an organisation they have worked long

How Many Marriages End in Divorce or Separation?

Counselling charity Relate has carried out nationwide research that has found that 20% of UK couples are likely to separate. As part of their ‘Understanding Society‘ survey, both married and cohabiting couples were questioned and the results show that almost 3 million people

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