Divorce Poem – The Bus Pass Romeo

Just about a year ago my Dad turned sixty-five, And thought he’d go adventuring while he was still alive. He set upon a mission where he would boldly go, And ride the city transport as a bus-pass Romeo. He chose the older

When is it time to Divorce?

Deciding whether or not to divorce is a difficult decision to make. Think carefully before uttering the phrase, “I want a divorce.” Once those words are out of your mouth – you cannot call them back. That statement will affect the rest


Brené Brown Quotes Vulnerability

If you have never heard of Brené Brown the we urge you to find her, read her, listen to her and see why these are our 5 favourite quotes. It was hard, very tough, excruciatingly difficult to make the choice of which quote

Stop Obsessing Over your Ex! Help is here!

As a divorce coach, one of the most common refrain I hear from clients deals with the ex. The thoughts, the memories, their current actions—dwelling on these things makes it very difficult to move on. And all these thoughts can creep up on

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