Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy
Caroline Palmy


I am a single mother of 3 (a boy 17, a girl 14 and another boy 11)

I am Swiss and do live in Switzerland now, after having lived in London and the US for a while.

We separated early in 2009, and my divorce was final in May 2014.

I used to be a full time Mom, till I reconnected with my other passion, helping others, and healing.

I have created Palmy Healing from my heart of helping others to heal their hearts. Finding joy in their life, as well as love for themselves.

I am an Energy Healer, I am trained in several different techniques, such as EFT, Matrix, Pranic Healing as well as Angel Therapy.

I work in Life Coaching, helping you to connect to your true and higher self, and finding your passion and purpose here, or a more fulfilled life.

I love Angels, and the Universe, and I love to do readings, helping you with any questions you might have, or just forwarding the messages from the Universe. They are always uplifting, gentle and mostly healing.

You can find out more about me and read up on my blog  via my website


I wish you all the best on this journey in your life time

You will learn so much about yourself

just be open for all the experiences this will bring

Warm hugs

Caroline Palmy

I created this Facebook page to spread some inspiration and love Lovely-Thoughts-to-Inspire

and my story of letting go has been published in Alex Blackwell book

25 true stories of letting go – Letting Go Stories Peace Surrender ebook

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